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Girls Don't Dress for Boys



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Introducing The Sea Shell Co-Ord Set: a stunning ensemble comprising a fine White cotton  blouse with Black trims and matching shorts. Crafted with the finest fabric, this set exudes timeless elegance and seaside charm.

The blouse features delicate black piping, reminiscent of seashells along the shore, while the tailored silhouette ensures a flattering fit. Paired with coordinating shorts, this co-ord set effortlessly blends style with comfort.

Perfect for leisurely strolls by the sea or chic brunches, The Sea Shell Co-OrdSet embodies effortless sophistication and coastal allure. Elevate your wardrobe with this versatile ensemble and embrace the beauty of oceanic bliss in style.


❤️ The GDDB SUMMER MIX is produced using surplus textile waste from luxury manufacturing units in India that were otherwise meant for landfills. You’re not just buying a dress, you’re buying into a circular future that cares ❤️

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