About Us

Our Delhi Studio

is where every piece comes to life, meticulously crafted by hand. Months of careful planning and attention to detail ensure
You real that the quality and fit of our creations
are exceptional. From the initial sketch to the final product in-store, our team of talented creatives work tirelessly to bring you unique and perfect pieces that are designed just for you.

Founder's Note

In the heart of India's capital, GDDB, a brand that has ensnared the hearts of many, began its extraordinary journey. Emerging from the inner sanctum of our visionary founder, Ashi Singh, at the tender age of 19, GDDB has swiftly evolved into a beloved national treasure since our debut in May 2021.

Each masterpiece that bears the GDDB insignia is an embodiment of meticulous craftsmanship, conceived within the creative confines of our Delhi-based design studio. With every stitch, we sew the fabric of dreams into reality, transcending mere apparel to forge an everlasting connection.

Today, at the age of 21, Ashi Singh stands as a beacon of inspiration. Drawing from the timeless allure of iconic women, she embraces the power of curves, advocating for empowerment in every stride. Her vision was to create a sanctuary of style where women could bask in the dual radiance of sensuality and strength, igniting a transformation with every GDDB ensemble.

Our collections are carefully curated to embrace real women who confidently celebrate their femininity, for within their individuality lies the heart of GDDB's allure. Each piece is meticulously tailored to caress the contours of your unique identity, a harmony between body and fabric that promises a transformative experience.

Seeking the perfect fit? Look no further. With just a few clicks, you shall unlock the doors to our treasure trove of breathtaking creations. Each piece, thoughtfully selected and lovingly crafted, arrives at your doorstep ensconced in a presentation that mirrors the elegance it holds within.

Discover GDDB, where every thread, every design, every moment weaves the tapestry of a new beginning, a renewed sense of self, and the promise of empowerment. Join us on this transcendent journey as we redefine the language of fashion, one stitch at a time.

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